The Problem Without TelXtend 

Without the protection from telomeres, our cells age and die. Telomere shortening is involved in all aspects of the aging process on a cellular level.

Telomere length represents our biological age as opposed to our chronological age.


The “Cellular” Cause Of Aging Without TelXtend 

  • As we age, cells don’t regenerate as well and our body’s ability to regenerate duplicate cells declines significantly.
  • Chromosomes (which carry your DNA and hold the secret to proper cellular regeneration) are protected by Telomeres.
  • Telomeres deteriorate over time because of the continuous cell division and completely stops after a point of time.
  • Reduction in this cell division can cause deterioration and increase the signs of aging in our body.


The Solution TelXtend

Thanks to advanced anti-aging science, researchers have created TelXtend – a revolutionary new pill that actually promotes the production of this vital little enzyme which lengthens your telomeres. And longer telomeres are an important key to youthful health and beauty for life!

With this amazing discovery of telomerase, researchers now believe that you can experience a full, vibrant and rewarding life at 90, 100, or even older. And the latest cutting-edge science proves that telomere maintenance may be the key strategy that helps you get healthy and stay that way.

TelXtend Triple Action Formula

  • Maintain the health of your cells & keeps them young.
  • Less Deterioration of your telomeres.
  • Positively affects your cardiovascular system, blood pressure and blood sugar, joint
    and bone function

Benefits of TelXtend

  • Stronger & Healthier Heart Function
  • Balanced Blood Pressure
  • More Youthful Radiant Complexion
  • Better Cognitive Powers
  • Fight Memory Loss
  • Stronger & Flexible Pain Free Joints
  • Youthful Skin & Complexion
  • Enhanced Cognitive Powers
  • Health & Longer Life

Science Behind  – Clinically Proven For Cell Regeneration

TelXtend protects and boosts telomeres which protect your chromosomes from deterioration during cell division as well as your DNA and cellular “instructions” for proper cell regeneration. This reduces the symptoms of aging. TelXtend accomplishes this by combining key supplements to boost the body’s glutathione production and support its methylation cycle which helps extend telomeres and support cellular health.

Power of This Extraordinary Telomerase Breakthrough

  • Protects Chromosome -From Damage During Cell Divison
  • Wears Down Over – Your Lifetime From Continuous Cell Duplication
  • Can’t Regenerate Unless – Telomerase Enzyme is Supplemente

Telxtend Ingredient Matrix

  • Ashwagandha Root – fosters healthy sleeping patterns and supports higher energy levels.
  • Astragalus Extract – Naturally supports the health of cells across the body.
  • Milk Thistle – Aids with natural & healthy cell regeneration in the body.
  • Seaweed Extract – Boosts cell immunity, protecting it from oxidative damage.
  • Green Tea Extract – Polyphenols improve cellular health and function.
  • Mushroom Extract – Cordyceps Sinensis and DMAE as cell activators supporting anti-aging and immunity.

TelXtend – In The Media

  • Backed by Top medical journals
  • The prestigious journal, Nature, declared Telomerase reverses the aging process.
  • “Shorter telomere lengths among their subjects equated to roughly four and a half years of accelerated aging.”
  • Longer telomeres work wonders for your health
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TelXtend The #1 Formula On The Market

  • Lengthen Telomeres
  • Available Without a Prescription
  • Affordable
  • Lifetime Money Back Guarantee*
  • Free Gift of MaX Cleanse – our digestive support supplement*

Recommended By Doctors & Nobel Laureate

Dr. Arlan Cage (Naturopathic physician) – TelXtend formula that promotes the production of telomerase – the enzyme that’s been shown to be the key to better health and a longer life.

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn (Nobel Prize winner for research
on telomeres
) – “Telomerase has the unique ability to lengthen your telomeres so you can switch off your internal time clock, which can stop and even reverse the destructive effects of aging.”

Real People Review & Real Results.

  1. Kelley – Austin, TX “I No Longer Fear Growing Old. I was always really scared of growing old and coming down with one health problem after another. Now, thanks to TelXtend, I don’t have that fear and worry anymore. I know I’m protected and can live life to the fullest.”
  2. Summers– Orlando, FL “I Can Look Forward To Being Around For My Family. As a parent, you always want to be around as long as possible for your spouse and your kids and grandkids. TelXtendgives me peace-of-mind and that’s the best feeling in the world.”
  3. Nesbith – Atlanta, GA “A Truly Amazing Product.All I can say is WOW! TelXtend is an incredible product that everyone should take if they care about their health and well-being.”
  4. Judena Klebs – Missouri, USA  “Healthy On The Inside… Gorgeous On the Outside! My name is Judena Klebs and I can honestly say that Dr. Cage’s TelXtend formula has changed my life for the better! I’m 62 years old and I do have some health issues that have diminished my quality of life. I ordered TelXtend immediately and when I started taking it daily, I felt instant results! Within only a few days, I felt my energy level go up. I wake up every day feeling younger and better all around! TelXtend has made me feel better than I have in years and that’s how I know it’s working!”


TelXtend Contact Customer

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Hours of Operation: US 8am to 9pm EST daily

For Returns TelXtend 

Please call Customer Service at 1 (844) -208 – 5554 to obtain an RMA#

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